Lucknowi Biryani Paste 150g

chefboss lucknowi biryani paste 150 gm
Lucknowi Biryani Paste 150g
chefboss lucknowi biryani paste fop
Lucknowi Biryani Paste 150g
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Lucknowi Biryani Paste 150g

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Experience the authentic flavours of Biryani from the City of Nawabs in just 15 minutes with this ready-to-cook gravy flavoured with kewra and spices.

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Who could’ve thought that cooking authentic Lucknowi Biryani made at home was possible. Presenting, our amazing Lucknowi Biryani paste which will give you the perfect biryani in minutes. With ChefBoss, anything is possible!

All you need is 15 minutes. Just add the biryani paste to veggies/ chicken, water and cooked rice, and get ready to devour the yummy food in your plate.

complete solution
Easy to Cook
Just add Cooked Rice
& Veggies/ Chicken/ Paneer
Ready in 15 mins

Step 1: Heat 50g of desi ghee (3 tablespoons) in a kadhai, add 400g chicken/vegetables (carrot, beans, cauliflower, etc.) and lightly toss them for 5 minutes.

Step 2: Add 150 ml/1 cup of water and contents of an entire pack in the kadhai. Cook on low flame for 5-7 minutes to get a semi dry gravy or till cooked. Add 800g (6 to 7 cups) of cooked rice on the top.

Garnish: Add mint leaves, slit green chillies and chopped coriander. Cover the kadhai and cook over low flame for 3 minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Biryani Paste?

We can all agree that biryani is love, right? People have different preferences when it comes to their biryani, some like it spicy, others like it mellow and aromatic. But, the general sentiment remains the same. But as much as we love biryani, it’s a fact that making it from scratch is not easy. Finding the right balance of spices in itself is a task, and add to it an intensive amount of chopping, peeling and following long, very long recipes.

To simplify this entire process and do away with all these extra hurdles, our chefs created a complete solution for biryani lovers in the form of ChefBoss ready-to-cook Biryani Pastes. They are a perfect mix with flavourful spices to give you that authentic biryani flavour at home, that too in just 15 minutes.

Benefits of ChefBoss Biryani Paste

Using ChefBoss’ Biryani Paste will not only help you save time, but also a lot of effort. While making biryani in the traditional way might take 2 hours or more, with our Biryani pastes it takes only 15 minutes, that too without any compromise on taste.

You don’t even need to add salt to this paste. All you have to do is add ChefBoss biryani paste to veggies/chicken/paneer/mutton, water and cooked rice and you’re done! Your lazeez biryani is ready to be devoured.

You can make chicken, mutton, paneer or veg Biryani, Hyderabadi Dum Aloo and Nawabi Paneer. You can even experiment and create new recipes of your choice. These multipurpose biryani pastes are like your secret ingredient which you can use to create magic in your kitchen. So, go ahead, explore and be a #ChefBoss.

Why ChefBoss products?

At ChefBoss, we committed to providing the best products, service and support for our customers. All ChefBoss products are made with the finest quality ingredients and go through strict quality checks before they reach our final consumers. Also, all our products are trans-fat-free and have no artificial flavours.

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