Sauce & Mayo

    Sauce & Mayo

    Sometimes you’re just not in the mood to eat your regular snacks in the same old plain way. Here’s presenting the best accompaniments to your favourite snacks… delicious sauces and mayo flavours from ChefBoss. You can use them as dips with your munchies or make yummy snacks like burgers, sandwiches and rolls with them. And hey, psss, salad lovers in the house? These yummylicious sauces and mayo work wonders as salad dressings too!

    Some awesome things you need to know about them:

    • Trans Fat Free
    • 100% Vegetarian
    • No Artificial Flavour

    A little bit about the amazing sauces in this range:

    Harissa Mayo: Try the all new mayo with a Moroccan punch - introducing ChefBoss Harissa Mayo! A delicious alternative to regular mayonnaise, our Harissa Mayo is perfect for snacks and makes a great all-time dip for sandwiches, rolls, burgers and more.

    Chipotle Mayo: Say hello to an all-new mayo with a Mexican surprise. Introducing ChefBoss Chipotle Mayo – yummy mayonnaise with a twist! A yummy alternative to regular mayonnaise, our Chipotle Mayo is a perfect companion to your snacks and munchies!

    Creamy Tomato Mayo: If you like ketchup and you like mayo too, then this awesome creamy tomato mayo is just the right thing for you! Yummy mayo with a tinge of tomatoes, enjoy it as a dip with your snacks or even a spread!

    Chilli Mustard Sauce: Mustard with a desi zing. This spicy and tangy chilli mustard sauce is a unique version of the much-loved mustard sauce. If you love mustard sauce or Kasundi, then this delicious ready-to-eat Chilli Mustard Sauce is a must-have.

    Sweet Chilli Sauce: Hot & sweet, fifty-fifty! This is the perfect way to introduce this yummy Sweet Chilli sauce. It hits just the right balance between sweet and spicy, thus making it a perfect dip with many desi and even not-so-desi snacks!