Pasta Sauce

    Pasta Sauce

    Pasta is a mood, and every pasta lover will agree. It’s comfort food on the days you’re feeling a bit under the weather, it’s soul food when everything seems a bit dull, and it’s the most amazing dish in the world on most other days. So, whether you like a warm cheesy bowl of creamy sauce pasta, a steaming bowl of red sauce pasta or you like to mix and match and go for ‘pink’ sauce pasta, ChefBoss Pasta Sauces are your quick-fix solution. All you need is this magic sauce, boiled pasta and 15 minutes. 

    Some things you need to know about these wonderful pasta sauces:

    • Ready to Cook
    • 100% Vegetarian
    • No Artificial Flavour

    The awesome options we have for you:

    Creamy Pasta Sauce: Made with the finest ingredients. Our pasta sauce has an authentic cheesy taste with herbs (Oregano and Basil). Enjoy yummy, creamy pasta in just 15 minutes.

    Pasta & Pizza Sauce: Authentic Red Sauce for Pasta & Pizza. It has the perfect mix of tangy tomatoes with garlic & herbs to make a yummy red sauce pasta. You can also use this as a base sauce for pizzas and sandwiches!