Creamy Tomato Mayo Sauce 300g, Eggless

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Creamy Tomato Mayo Sauce 300g, Eggless
Creamy Tomato Mayo Sauce 300g, Eggless
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Creamy Tomato Mayo Sauce 300g, Eggless

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If you like ketchup and you like mayo too, then this awesome creamy tomato mayo sauce is just the right thing for you! Yummy mayo with a tinge of tomatoes, enjoy it as a dip with your snacks or even a spread!

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There are just those moments where you can’t decide whether you want to relish your snacks with ketchup or with mayo, right? Well, there’s no need to pick one anymore because we have the best and tastiest solution to this – ChefBoss Creamy Tomato Mayo Sauce! Yes, it’s just as tasty as it sounds.

The yumminess and creaminess of mayo with a tangy tomato twist! It just can’t get better than this for a true mayo lover! Enjoy this creamy tomato mayo sauce with your favourite snacks and munchies, use it as a spread to make a quick sandwich or sub, or simply use it as a salad dressing to make your healthy food a little interesting. Are you ready for this all-in-one wonder?

Frequently Asked Questions

What are these sauces?

These sauce are ready-to-eat dipping sauces which you can enjoy with snacks of your choice. They are available in 5 amazing flavours, namely Harissa Mayo, Chipotle Mayo, Creamy Tomato Mayo, Sweet Chilli and Chilli Mustard. They are all unique and have a certain zing to them. Must try for all ketchup and mayo lovers out there!

Where can they be used?

You can use these sauces as dips with a number of desi snacks like samosas, bread pakoras and other pakoras and even with not-so-desi snacks like spring rolls, dimsums, sandwiches, burgers and lots more. You can enjoy them with munchies like chips and nachos, or use them as salad dressings too!

Why use ChefBoss sauces?

All ChefBoss sauces are specially curated by expert chefs to let you experience a blast of different flavours from around the world. We use the finest ingredients and are mindful of the quality at all times. At ChefBoss, we are committed to providing the best products and support to our customers. ChefBoss is part of Jubilant FoodWorks Limited.

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Customer Reviews

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Must have mayo sauce for homemade burgers…


Taste is much more at the sweet side, ideal for kids

Jitendra Gupta

Have tried other mayonnaise but this tastes the best!

Anand Jha

Better than other tomato flavoured mayo..go for it!


Good quality product. Fresh and flavourful taste!