Chinese Sauce

    Chinese Sauce

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    Who doesn’t love Chinese food, right? It’s tasty, flavourful and just makes us happy. Now, what if we tell you that you can cook your favourite restaurant-style and even street-style Indo-Chinese dishes at home in just 10 minutes, or even less? And oh, of course without compromising on the taste! Won’t it be the best thing, ever? ChefBoss’ Chinese sauces range is your answer to all those yummy Chinese food cravings. Be it manchurian or honey chilli potato, schezwan or hot garlic, we’ve got you covered. All you need to do is add a few simple ingredients to the magic sauces and done!

    All the sauces in our Chinese range have these special qualities:

    • Ready to Cook
    • 100% Vegetarian
    • No Artificial Flavour

    Available products:

    Manchurian Cooking Sauce: If you love street-style manchurian, then this is the sauce for you. Just add manchurian balls of your choice to this sauce, some water, and done!

    Hot Garlic Cooking Sauce: Not only can you make super tasty hot garlic paneer, chicken and veggies with this ready-to-cook sauce, you can also make a very comforting hot garlic soup out of this sauce.

    Schezwan Cooking Sauce: Love all things spicy? Then this sauce is just what you need. You can make tasty schezwan gravies, snacks and even noodles and fried rice with this.

    Honey Chilli Stir Fry Sauce & Dip: Want to eat tasty street-style honey chilli potato or chicken at home? Make it in 5 minutes with this amazing sauce. You can even use it as a dip with your fave snacks.

    All Purpose Chinese Stir Fry Sauce & Dip: The name says it all! Use it as a stir fry sauce to make snacks, rice or noodles, or a dip with momos, spring rolls and much more. The choice is yours, friend!