When your tummy wants something yummy and your heart wants some comfort food, what do you turn to? Well, most of us turn to paneer, the most versatile food that almost everybody enjoys eating. Whenever we hear paneer, just a lot of delicious options start running through our minds – paneer butter masala, paneer lababdar, paneer this and paneer that! But hey, why not spice things up a little bit and go for paneer bhuna gravy instead? With ChefBoss Bhuna Gravy, enjoy the flavour of 7 secret spices all in one gravy and cook paneer bhuna gravy at home in 15 minutes, something you wouldn’t have thought was possible! 

Preparation Time:

15 minutes



What you'll need:

  • ChefBoss Bhuna Gravy Paste
  • Some Chicken or Paneer
  • A tablespoon Oil and that's it.

2 Easy Steps Recipe

Lightly toss 200g or 8 to 10 pieces of chicken / paneer in a pan with oil (1 tablespoon) for 5 -7 minutes.


Add 175ml / 1 cup of water and contents of entire pack in the pan. Cook for 5 minutes or till the gravy becomes thick. Garnish with chopped ginger and coriander (optional). Enjoy with parathas or rice!