The best snack is a quick snack, something super delicious that doesn’t take a lot of time in being put together. This is why, since time immemorial, the likes of chips, nachos and French fries have been the go-to snacks for everyone when it comes to munching at home. It’s as easy as opening a pack or deep frying a handful of pre-cut fries and your snacks are ready. But now, with the plethora of ready-to-eat snacks available in the market, the choices have increased. Now you can have make everything from a pizza pocket to nuggets to rolls, right at home, within no time.

Since snacks have evolved, it only makes sense for their partner condiments to evolve too! Nahi samjhe? Well, it’s time we give the humble tomato ketchup some rest. Here we have a detailed list of unique dips and snacks that go perfectly with it. Since the festive season is right around the corner, and parties and get-togethers have already started, make sure you keep this list handy, and surprise yourself and your guests with these amazing snack and dip combinations. Let’s go!

1.Spring Rolls – Honey Chilli Dip

Spring rolls are heaven, and there’s nothing anyone can say to make us believe otherwise. The crunchy outer layer and the juicy veggies stuffer inside, ah! Amazing!

Spring Rolls Honey Chilli Dip

And nothing better than the balance of a sweet and spicy dip to go with it, which is why ChefBoss’ Honey Chilli Dip is your best bet here. Not only will it elevate the flavours of the spring rolls, but also add an extra oriental touch to them.

  1. Cheese Corn Nuggets – Fiery Chilli Mayo

Since cheese corn nuggets are like a party in the mouth, it only makes sense that the dip that goes with it adds some tadakta bhadakta element to it, right?

Cheese Corn Nuggets Fiery Chilli Mayo

And that is why ChefBoss’ Fiery Chilli Mayo Dip is the perfect partner to these little balls of pleasure. They will add that much needed hot and fiery feel to your cheesy treats.

  1. Loaded Nachos – Jalapeno Mayo

First came nachos, them came flavoured nachos and now we have LOADED nachos that do complete justice to their name.

Loaded Nachos Jalapeno Mayo

Loaded with cheese, veggies and various other herbs and toppings, these are a loaded treasure in the truest sense of the word. But everyone who’s had loaded nachos will agree that no matter how many toppings there are on them, they still need a good dip to go with them. And nothing better than ChefBoss’ Jalapeno Mayo Dip to do the job.

  1. Momos – All Purpose Chinese Dip

This one is a no-brainer! Talking about momos without adding a perfect Chinese dip to it is pure blasphemy!

Momos All Purpose Chinese Dip

So, enjoy your hot steaming momos with ChefBoss’ All Purpose Chinese Dip and your life will never be the same. Such a great balance of flavourful momos and yummy dip, you’ll love it!

  1. Grilled Chicken – Barbeque Dip

Now just because party season is around the corner doesn’t mean healthy eaters will stop healthy eating, right? But we have a little something to add a little bit zing to their food as well!

Grilled Chicken Barbeque Dip

So, if you’re someone who enjoys grilled chicken or are on a diet, no worries, because the ChefBoss Barbeque Dip is just what you need! Just dip your chicken in this smoky dip and enjoy the flavours!

  1. French Fries – Hot & Spicy Dip

Talking about munching without mentioning French fries is no less than a crime in foodie world. But hey, we have something that will pep up your humble French fries and make them taste even better than they already do – ChefBoss Hot & Spicy Dip.

French Fries Hot & Spicy Dip

The perfect hot sauce that will add a fiery touch to your fries and get the party started in your home and your taste-buds!

So, this was all from our side! But do make sure you try all of these yummy dips super soon and proudly say #IamChefBoss !