Based On Your Food Preferences, What Kind Of A Partner Are You?

‘Tis the season of love and all things mushy. And we just wanted to be a part of this mush-fest so we came up with a way. The food you eat says a lot about you as a person, you are what you eat, after all! So, if that’s true, it might be interesting to find out what kind of partner you are based on your food choices. Ready to find out? Let’s go!

1.Spice it up!

Are you that person in the group who doesn’t even flinch once while others go crazy fanning their tongue because the momos chutney is too spicy? Or the one who likes to add more and more mirchi to everything? You look like the kind of partner who’s always up for new adventures and challenges. Nothing scares you and you’re always ready to take things on, as they come, in life and in your relationship.

  1. Sweet tooth, for the win!

If your policy is dessert before dinner and you’re constantly in possession of one or more chocolates, then you definitely have a sweet tooth (no surprises there!). And that makes you the sweet one. You’re the kind of partner who’s loved by not just your special someone, but their friends and family too!

  1. Nothing like chatpata!

If you’re the kind of person who’s always seen saying ‘kuch chatpata khane ka mann kar raha hai!’, then you belong to the fun category of people. You’re the kind of partner who’s a delight to be around, and everyone loves you for your wackiness. You constantly come up with ways to add excitement to your relationship, and that’s what your partner and everyone else loves about you.

  1. Comfort food, yes please!

We all know that there is nothing that soothes the heart like comfort food, and the people who always pick such food are no different. If you’re one such person who always eats simple, home-cooked food with no fluff, then you are the soother. You don’t make any kind of fuss, nor do you fight or argue in your relationship. You’re understanding and calm at all times, it would seem!

  1. Everything works, as long as it’s edible!

If you’re someone who has absolutely zero preferences when it comes to your food choices and you’re okay with eating anything from dal chawal to caviar, then you’re a no-nonsense kind of partner. You can adjust according to the situation and are always ready to make compromises for the sake of your loved one! How beautiful is that!

So, what did you find out about yourself?