Who doesn’t love a good fried snack every once in a while! They are huge hits at parties, and just so comforting even when eaten at home, curled up on a sofa while watching your favourite shows or movies. But, isn’t it super disappointing when we make so much effort in making some nice crispy snacks for ourselves, and they turn out looking soggy, or overcooked, or worst of all, burnt on the outside and raw on the inside?

The pain is real, friends! So, what do we do about it? Well, we decided to take matters into our hands and curated a set of tips that will help you make perfectly crispy snack every time. They are just tiny pointers and hacks that will help you ‘crispen’ things up a little. So, without any further ado, let’s get started!

  1. Choose the right ingredients: If you want to nail the perfect crispy snacks, you need to first find the perfect ingredients. When making snacks with potatoes, make sure the ones that you pick are not over-ripe. Over-ripe potatoes tend to absorb more oil and thus leave snacks soggy. The best quality of crunchy potatoes is key to making snacks crispy.
  2. Right temperature of the oil: If the oil is not hot enough, the snacks become too chewy and hard; if your oil is too hot, the snacks simply burn from the outside and stay raw on the inside.
  3. Strain the snacks well: It’s very important to not let the snacks sit in oil and strain them properly. If snacks stay in oil for long, they become soggy. When done properly, deep-frying will create a crunchy exterior, while keeping the interior almost oil-free.
  4. Don’t put the snacks on a plate: Once you strain the snacks, don’t put them on a flat plate. Doing so will make the residual heat trapped under the food, thus creating steam and turning everything soggy. Using a cooling rack is best to avoid this.
  5. Season later: Do not salt or season the snacks before frying them. Salt makes the snacks water if seasoned before frying, thus leaving them soggy. Seasoning them close to serving time will keep ‘em crunchy and perky.
  6. Choose the correct oil: Use vegetable oil for frying because it has a high smoke point and a neutral flavour, thus allowing your snacks to be crispy and yummy.
  7. Re-heat properly: If you are not going to eat the snacks right after making them, then let them cool at room temperature, and re-heat as per requirement, in a sealed container in an oven to retain the crunchiness.

These are just a few tips that will help you make crunchy and crispy snacks perfectly! If you have any more suggestions, then do let us know!