Cooking is an awesome hobby! It helps you release stress and gives you a lot of satisfaction. But, all this holds true only till the time cooking and maintaining the kitchen doesn’t become a tiresome task. While cooking may not take much time, all the preparation that goes into it, the chopping, peeling, straining; it is an enormous task list.

And then comes the other set of things – the part where you have to deal with other issues like your gravies being too watery or your eyes tearing up while chopping onions. It’s so difficult to manage all of this alongside cooking. It would be so much easier if there were at least some things we could do to save ourselves from all this other effort. Well, guess what! There are some things! Here’s a list of some awesome cooking and kitchen hacks that will help you save effort in the kitchen. Some of them will also help you become more efficient! So, read on to learn a few quick tricks!

  1. Store your spices in the dark

Spices are the backbone of cooking, therefore it is imperative to ensure they are stored properly. Storing the spices in a cupboard or cabinet away from your gas stove or direct sunlight will help retain their flavour as storing spices near the stove or a light source results in them losing some of their flavour.

  1. No more tears when slicing onions

The struggle of chopping onions is real and all of us who’re into cooking have experienced it first-hand. But there’s a very simple hack to take care of it. Just slice off both of the ends of the onion and wash it under cold water. This will help in preventing tears while chopping raw onions.

  1. Remove excess water from your gravies

Sometimes even the best of cooks make a simple mistake of adding a little bit extra water to their gravies while cooking which turns them watery or less rich than you wanted. Well, worry not! All you have to do to fix this issue is roast and grind a tablespoon of poppy seeds to a paste, add it to the gravy and simmer it on medium flame. This will help soak up excess water from curries and gravies without affecting the taste. How cool, right!

  1. Prevent rice from sticking

Nobody wants to eat rice that have stuck together to form chunks. It just doesn’t taste the same (no matter what we try to tell ourselves when it happens!) But all you have to do to prevent rice from sticking to each other when boiling them, is to add a few drops of oil to the water while boiling. This works equally well for pasta and macaroni too.

  1. Retain the colour of spinach

The beautiful colour of spinach is what makes it look so delicious. It’s a little difficult to imagine and even eat a dull looking palak paneer dish, right? So, to retain the fresh green colour of blanched spinach, just transfer it to a bowl of ice-cold water. Now, when you cook it, it will retain the green colour.

  1. Remove excess salt from dishes

Was in a hurry or a daze or was tired and somehow added too much salt to the dish? Worry not for there’s a simple hack for this too! To remove excess salt from the dish while preparing it, add a potato cut into two halves to the vessel and let it simmer on medium flame for two minutes. Remove the potato halves and done! This works well for both dry and gravy dishes.

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