Well! No such Indian feast is complete without aloo delicacy, because they serve as a great complement to many meals. Be it baked, roasted, or mashed; aloo is loved by everyone in all forms. The most sought ingredient after paneer because it gets cooked quickly and yet is full of flavours. There is absolutely no limit to the number of delicacies that can be made using potatoes in just 10-minutes!

So, how to cook the quickest and easiest aloo delicacies? Here are some awesome recipes that you can cook using the ChefBoss sauces and gravies without any extra-ordinary ingredients in just a few steps.

1. Honey Chilli Potatoes

We often crave some snack-like lunches. That generally happens when we no longer wish to eat the same dal-rice-chapati every day but something that just gives a kick to our taste buds. So, let’s give you an amazing quick recipe for Honey Chilli Potatoes in 10-minutes.

3 Quick Aloo Recipes for Lunch

Heat 1 tbsp of oil in a kadhai, add 2 tbsps of finely chopped garlic, onion petals, diced bell peppers and sauté them for about 2 minutes on a medium flame. Once the veggies are sautéed, add 250 grams of French fries and pour 4-5 tbsps of ChefBoss Honey Chilli Sauce. Give it a good mix on a medium flame for about 2-3 minutes. Switch the flame off. Top the honey chilli potatoes with chopped spring onions. Enjoy it hot with lachcha paranthas. 

Explore the detailed recipe of Honey Chilli Potatoes in 5 minutes

2. Aloo Mattar

Aloo matter is a complete comfort food during the wintery afternoons. And now, you can cook it in just 10 minutes. Surprised? Follow this super-easy recipe of Aloo matter and thank us later. 

3 Quick Aloo Recipes for Lunch

Peel off 8-10 baby potatoes, chop them in 2 equal halves and soak them in water for about 5 minutes. Now, in a kadhai, heat 2-3 tbsps of oil. Once the oil gets heated, add the potatoes and shallow fry them for 2-3 minutes on a medium flame. After the potatoes turn golden brown, add half a cup of green peas to it and toss it again. Pour 4-5 tbsps of ChefBoss Bhuna Gravy Masala and add 50 ml of water to it. Allow it to cook for 3-4 minutes on a medium flame. Switch the flame off. Garnish it with finely chopped coriander leaves. Serve it hot with jeera rice or chapatis.

3. Dum Aloo

Baby potatoes cooked in delicious buttery gravy…nothing tastes better than this combo! You can cook this delicacy in just a few steps. Here goes the recipe.

3 Quick Aloo Recipes for Lunch

Peel 5-6 baby potatoes, soak them in water and keep them aside. Now, in a kadhai, heat 3-4 tbsps of oil on a medium flame. Strain the potatoes and pour them into the kadhai. Allow them to shallow fry. After the potatoes turn golden brown, add ChefBoss Makhani Gravy and 50 ml water to it. Cover it with a lid and allow it to cook for 2-3 minutes. Once the gravy gets a good consistency, put the flame off. Add 1 tbsp of salted butter and 1 tbsp of fresh cream for extra creaminess. Garnish it with finely chopped coriander leaves. Serve it hot with Malabari parantha and diced onions.

Aren’t these the easiest of all the recipes? There is no extra effort or ingredient required to cook the super-delicious potato recipes. This is as simple as you crave it and you have it cooked in 10-minutes. No hassle of boiling and grinding onions, tomatoes for gravies, all your secret spices are readily available in a single pack. Just grab your favourite gravy or paste, add some veggies, paneer, chicken or rice and you are done! The restaurant-style food gets ready in a span of a few minutes. So, let the spotlight hit on you and proudly say #IAmChefBoss.